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The use and maintenance of Automotive Bulbs
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The use and maintenance of Automotive Bulbs

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The use and maintenance of Automotive Bulbs

Nighttime driving lighting is provided by automotive bulbs, which, as the eyes of the car, are closely related not only to the car's appearance, but also to the safety of its occupants. You should not overlook the importance of using and maintaining Automotive Bulbs.

Instructions for the use of Automotive Bulbs

1. Responding to the phenomenon of lighting failure and proactively replacing Automotive Bulbs

When headlights are turned on, the brightness of Automotive Bulbs will slowly diminish due to a normal physical occurrence called "light fade". Dim headlights can be dangerous, so it is advised that bulbs be replaced as soon as dimness is noticed. Choosing a bulb of better quality can help prolong its life, thereby increasing driving safety.

2. Choose safe and effective Automotive Bulbs

The color temperature affects the color of the light. The original Automotive Bulb radiates a yellowish hue. If the color temperature climbs past 6000K, the penetration power of the light decreases and is not ideal for driving in rain or fog. To ensure your safety while driving, it is recommended that you choose a color temperature Automotive Bulb that is both safe and reliable.

3. Automotive Bulbs should be changed only after the engine has been switched off for 5 minutes.

Before replacing the bulb, you should make sure to wear protective glasses and gloves, and wipe any handprints or grease off the outside of the lamp housing with alcohol. Make sure to adjust the light post-installation so that you won't be affected by any glares.

Automotive Bulbs maintenance

In general, the warranty period of an Automotive Bulb lasts an estimated six months or 10,000 kilometers. It is advised that vehicle owners inspect the bulbs before each drive in order to prevent accidents. Moreover, it is highly recommended to check the Automotive Bulbs each time the car is driven.

1. Just like the oil filter that needs to be replaced during regular maintenance, Automotive Bulbs must also be swapped out regularly. Bulbs are considered consumables and their lifespan is limited, so they should be replaced promptly. In around 50,000 kilometers or two years, the light emitted from the bulbs will begin to weaken. It is best during this time to conduct a test, and if it is indeed found that the brightness has decreased, it is recommended to change both left and right light bulbs simultaneously to avoid any discrepancies in brightness between the two.

2. Routine inspection.

Periodic checks should be conducted to ensure that the Automotive Bulbs are functioning properly. In the event of any malfunction, be sure to repair it immediately. If the car light has been damaged, such as getting cracked from an accident, it is important to examine and fix it before using the car.

Pay attention to the use and proper maintenance of Automotive Bulbs to ensure the beauty and safety of your car. International Auto&Motor Parts Co., Ltd. is willing to provide you with more excellent products.

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