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Shopping for Automotive Bulbs
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Shopping for Automotive Bulbs

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Shopping for Automotive Bulbs

Automotive bulbs are essential for ensuring safety and visibility while driving at night. It is crucial to select the right model when purchasing Automotive bulbs, as the model can vary depending on the year of production or the type of vehicle. Different materials can also affect the performance of the bulb, so it is important to follow some tips when shopping for Automotive bulbs.

Distinguishing between Automotive Bulb Models
To identify the correct model of Automotive bulb, one can either check if the car light has integrated high and low beams, in which case the model is h4, or open the hood, remove the Automotive bulb and identify it by its foot and base. A headlight with a flat rectangular metal base is h1; a headlight with a round metal base and three raised teeth on the outer edge is h4, while two headlights with a round metal base and one raised tooth on the outer edge are h7. Two headlights with a longer tooth on the lower edge of the oval socket are h11, and two headlights with a smaller tooth on the upper edge of the oval socket are also h11.

Tips for Buying Automotive Bulbs
6a895f10-a896-4632-b075-accea8557042How to Buy Halogen Lamps
When selecting halogen Automotive bulbs, it is important to choose a good quality bulb from the original supporting brand. High-quality bulbs offer better light distribution and brightness, while poor quality bulbs have a shorter lifespan, with less concentrated focus and limited range. Poor quality bulbs can cause optical illusions, leading to traffic accidents.

How to Buy Xenon Lights
Xenon Automotive bulbs can last up to 5000 hours or more. There are three main types of Xenon lamp models: H series, 90 series, and D series. It is essential to choose the right model of Automotive bulb, as different series and models cannot be used interchangeably. The most common car lamp models are H1, H3, H4, and H7.

How to Buy LED Lights
When purchasing LED Automotive bulbs, it is important to select a high-quality, genuine product that offers long service life and stability in light output intensity. Poor quality LED bulbs have a shorter lifespan, with lower brightness and unstable light output intensity. Quality LED bulbs enhance driving safety and provide better vehicle identification.

Choosing Quality Automotive Bulbs
No matter which Automotive bulb you choose, it is essential to ensure the quality of the product. Poor quality bulbs can compromise lighting effects, have a shorter lifespan, and pose a significant risk to driving safety. For high-quality Automotive bulb products, International Auto&Motor Parts Co., Ltd. welcomes you.

International Auto&Motor Parts Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Led work light, Led headlights, fog lights, tail lights, vehicle warning light and accessories.


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