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Introduction to the types of Automotive Bulbs
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Introduction to the types of Automotive Bulbs

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The absence of a light makes it impossible to travel at night. It's as if you blindfolded others so they can't see you, which makes traffic accidents more likely. Now I will introduce  several types of car bulbs, which are classified based on their light-emitting principle.

The following is a list of the content:

 Automotive Halogen Bulbs

 Automotive s

 Automobile LED bulbs


Generally speaking, the original car halogen bulbs are usually 55W with acceptable brightness while driving in cities. However, some drivers may feel that it is insufficient on highways. Halogen Automotive Bulbs work by injecting halogen gas such as iodine or bromine into the bulbs and then sublimating tungsten filament when it is heated. During cooling, tungsten will be reconstructed on the filament and form a cycle to prevent premature breaking of tungsten, thus extending their life compared to incandescent lamps.


Before the introduction of LED headlights, people had to utilize xenon lamps. They ran very hot, their temperature reaching 300-400 degrees and consumed a lot of energy. In order to create light from these lamps, voltage must be increased from 12V to 23,000V with ballast. This process requires immense energy, which puts huge pressure on the batteries . Therefore, once the power is turned on, there is a delay before xenon lights can be fully illuminated . Xenon Automotive Bulbs have revolutionised traditional tungsten filament invented by Thomas Edison; they replace the filament with a high-pressure inert gas like mercury and carbon compounds at two electrodes that stimulate the xenon gas when current voltage is high (23,000 volts), creating a perfect white arc emitting light close to that of perfect sunlight.


LED Automotive Bulbs have a very low operating temperature of only 50-70 degrees. As soon as power is applied, they begin to light up instantly.

People are now transitioning from Automotive Bulbs to LED models due to the latter's energy-saving abilities. LED Automotive Bulbs are at least four times brighter and consume less power compared to original car halogen bulbs. The light produced by LED lights is soft, not as harsh as xenon lamps, and conducive to uniform illumination without causing visual fatigue. This explains why people are making the switch to LED Automotive Bulbs.

This is an introduction to the types of Automotive Bulbs, I hope it will be helpful. If you want to know more product information, please visit our website




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